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The Catacombs


(Year Round, every afternoon)
Departure from Piazza dell'Esquilino (Bus Terminal) - Via Merulana - The Basilica of St. John in Lateran the 'mother of all churches', built under the emperor Constantine, the first Christian Caesar, and renewed by Borromini in the XVII century (visit) - The Holy Stairs with the 28 steps ascended by Christ in Pontius Pilates' house during his trial and supposed to have been brought from Jerusalem by St. Helena, the Emperor Constantine's mother (Visit) - Appian Way, the Domine Quo Vadis Chapel - Catacombs (Visit) - Walking along the Via Appia Antica till the Monument of Cecilia Metella - Thermes of Caracalla. Tour will end at approximately 6.00 p.m. Clients will be returned to their hotels, or in the immediate vicinity.
On Sundays and Bank Holidays visit of St. Mary the Major instead of Via Appia Antica

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